Come one, come all!

Hey Amaretto community!
I wanted to use my connection today to talk to you all about something that we at Amaretto love doing!

Each month we host an Amaretto Community Meeting which everyone is welcome to attend.

You can bring up any suggestions or even issues your having. We have a whole panel of staff to answer any questions you may have.

The community meeting is important to attend and participate in. It gives the breeders a voice and helps us know how you guys our customers are doing with our products.

Amaretto takes pride in always trying to keep things new and bring innovation to our products. This is your chance to give input and be heard.

The next community meeting is February 22nd at 1 PM SLT at the A.R.U. Graduate Hall. I hope you will considering attending the more people we have the better! Have a great weekend and Happy Breeding!!


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