My Favorite Horse!

Happy Monday Amaretto community! Last week I shared what my favorite K-9 is… so today I wanted to take a moment to share with you what my favorite horse is! I am going to have to say the Walkers are still my favorite. I think I am drawn to the Walkers after all these years because the coats are so smooth and clean. It makes it easy to work on special projects. What’s your favorite horse? Feel free to come in our main chat and chit chat about your favorites! We would love to hear it!
Take a look at the pics below to see some of the gorgeous ways the Walker can be beautiful! I have also listed all the beautiful colors that the Walker come in!
Black Walker
Brown Walker
Red Walker
Silver Walker
Tan Walker
White Walker
Sizzling Red Crazed Coat Walker
Orange Soda Crazed Coat Walker
Yellow Sunshine Crazed Coat Walker
Green Lizard Crazed Coat Walker
Denim Blue Crazed Coat Walker
Plump Purple Crazed Coat Walker
Utopia Crazed Coat Walker

Happy walker breeding!

Until next timeā€¦




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