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Hello everyone its a Terrific Tuesday here on the ranch! I wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about your responsibility as an Amaretto Breeder to be educated!

What am I talking about? Well knowing what is a fact from what is a rumor!
Alot of times you may go to an auction and here an auctioneer say something like this is pure or this is next months special eye, or even these new LE’s are going to give us yellow leather saddles!

Most of this time these are rumors these are people that are speculating on what we might do. Now im not saying that you cant guess Amaretto’s next move because it is possible to do if you look at our past releases you may think you know the next thing to come! However that does not mean that you are right and should share your opinions as facts! Because just when you think you got us all figured out we will change it up! We do this to keep things exciting!

So when you hear someone say well someone at Amaretto told me that we are getting Argyle ears! Unless you can confirm it on our website or in a notice that we have sent DONT believe them because it is only speculation or rumor!

This rumor mill in the Amaretto community is always hard at work, If i told you all the rumors i have heard in my day this connection would be pages and pages long!

It makes me sad to think that people believe we would give information or certain “breeders” and advantage over others. That isn’t our style nor would we benefit from it! So next time you hear someone say well i was told that Amaretto is gonna make breedable rats! You can go thats crazy I didn’t see if on their website.

If you ever have questions if something is true or not ask in the main group there are always plenty of people there and they love to debunk rumors going around!

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!


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