Sound Hunt!

Hey everyone its Thursday already can you believe it we have all survived another week! I wanted to take some time to talk about something I was asked earlier this morning.

How can you find a specific horse with sounds on in a sea of horses?

Well what I would do is throw out my G.P.S. and use it to turn all sound off on every horse I own on the sim.

But, what if it is not a horse you own? A partners, renters, or fellow breeder?

Well one thing I always do when working on the market sims I attend is open your sound explorer!

To get to the sound explorer using the Firestorm viewer just go to world> sound explorer
It should look something like this:

Here is a list on all the sounds I have heard recently!
You can see here that I currently hear a sound from an object that Josaphine Cooperstone owns!

Now I know where the sound is coming from I can easily track it down by using the Look At button. This will zoom you in on the object that is making the current sound! Now you know what is making the sound and exactly where it is at.

This can be used on any object not just breedables! I hope that i have shed a little light on how to track down sounds inside of secondlife! Remember if your breedable is at a market sim proper etiquette is to turn off all sounds, animations, and movement!

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!


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