May Monthly Newness

Hey everyone today is a Terrific Tuesday! I wanted to show off May  Special breedings!
Lets start off with the May Emerald Bird! From From May  1st 2017 until May  31st 2017 breed any two malachite beaks together and have a chance at the all new May Emerald Bird!

Take a look the new May Emerald Bird!

Remember the May Emerald Bird DOES NOT pass but the May Emerald Eye DOES!

For my Zodiac breeding K-9 fans you guys have the chance this month to get a Taurus Yorkie! Isn’t this Yorkie awesome!

For the month of May  if you breed any K-9 with the Taurus Emerald eye with any color Yorkie you will get a Taurus Yorkie! The coat DOES NOT pass, however the Zodiac Taurus Eye and Collar do!

Last but certainly not least we can take a look at the Hawthorn Emerald Akhal-Teke!
Thats right! From May  1st 2017 until May  31st 2017 when you breed any horse with a Hawthorn Emerald Eye to any color Akhal-Teke you will have the chance at a Hawthorn Emerald Akhal-Teke!

The Hawthorn Emerald Akhal-Teke coat DOES NOT have the ability to pass, however the Emerald Hawthorn Eye DOES have the ability to pass!

Well I hope you guys like these as much as we do and remember that after this month they are GONE! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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