Costa Blanco!

Hello everyone its Thursday! That means we are only one day away from Friyay! So i thought it would really be cool if i searched high and low and found some really cool places to go ride and enjoy your horses!

Amaretto Horses are so lovely to look at and have at your ranch but why not go for a romantic horse ride with your special someone? Or how about a solo ride through the country side? I don’t think we take enough time to actually enjoy our horses beside what they are gonna drop us in 4 days time! LOL!

So this is the first place I came to was Costa Blanco!

Here is a little info on Costa Blanco
Costa Blanco is situated in the southernmost province of Sweden, and is connected by weather and theme with Bretagne in France. The island, surrounded by open ocean, is closed during the bleak winter months due to heavy snowfall and intense winds. In springtime people return, opening their small cottages for the sunny season. The lobby at the villa is open every day of the year and in all weather. The island is maintained by an old farmer who see to the animals, the fields and the fishing. Our receptionist Lola holds the keys to the empty cottages. Please feel free to use the cottages as you please. They are there for your pleasure. An amount that you can afford would be most gratefully received in the donation jar at the villa.

I believe the sim is owned by Gabrian Lascelles she is no way associated with Amaretto or our horses.

Remember riding your horses is practical too because it makes your horses happiness rise!

Take some time out of your day or night and grab a horse and go for a ride at this gorgeous sim! Until next time this is Ava over and out!


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