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Hello everyone! Its the lovely Ava here and i wanted to share some information with you guys today, concerning auctions and a great resource for everyone breeding any Amaretto animals!

Have you ever been sitting there wondering am i missing an auction right now? Or think i need to find some new markets to shop at?

Well I have the answer for you! Be sure and bookmark this page because its a great resource for breeders, auctioneers, and sim owners!

This is a 3rd party website that is in no way owner or controlled by Amaretto! This site is maintained by Bastian Hax!

Not only can you find an awesome list of markets and auction times for Horses, K-9s, Barnyard Birds, and now Ponies!

Often times when a new trait comes out they are posted in the forums before they are on the wiki so you can sneek a peek at them here:

If you own a breedable market or have auctions please contact Bastian Hax to get yours listed on the Amaretto Community Website!

Take a minute to read the about section:

Its a website for breeders by breeders! My hat is off to you Bastian Hax & Markus Margulis for creating such a great resource for everyone to use!

This is Ava over and out! If you have a 3rd party website or product let me know! Happy breeding everyone!!


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