Is It? It is! A Posh Ponie!!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you all!! I am so excited to share with you all some very exciting news!!! The Posh Ponie has hit the grid! That’s right, there has been a Posh Ponie sighting! This is super exciting! Did you know that you can get a Posh Ponie basket from any Ponie Pal breeding? Yes I said ANY breeding! And did you know that the Style and horn can not pass BUT… the long mane, tail, and the eye can pass!! This is by far the cuddliest little ponie I have ever seen! Take a look below at the overload of cuteness!

Style: Amaretto Posh Ponie – So Cuddly
Eye: Posh Power – Glittery
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

So be sure to check each and every basket because you never know if one is a Posh Ponie!! How exciting!

Until next time…………


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