Community Issues – Misconceptions & Rumors

Hey everyone, Friday is here \o/

The topic I want to touch on today is misconceptions & rumors about Amaretto!

You would not believe how many times I have heard about people being “scared to speak out” to Amaretto about concerns they may have in regards to their breeding because they are scared their animals will be taken away from them. I wanted you guys to know that this NEVER happens… if someone has been banned by Amaretto it is because of something much worse than just speaking about concerns they may have.

Everyone has a right to an opinion and if you are frustrated with something you can and should talk to the staff about it respectfully, there is no need to be disrespectful or abusive towards the staff and I think this is a reason why people have heard these rumours about people being banned when “speaking out”. There is a clear difference between speaking your opinion and attacking or being abusive. I myself have experienced this with the market that I run where someone has come to me about a simple problem that could be resolved quickly but instead they have chosen to be rude and abusive towards me, and that’s where the line should be drawn because at the end of the day no one should be given abuse!

Rumors on the other hand…. I’ve heard people say that Amaretto gives certain people all the good stuff and others nothing. This is completely untrue – with 4 breedables do you think that the staff have the time to sit all day and push buttons? that is a LOT of bundles/kennels/nests and now baskets a day and there is just no way that would be possible, they are all chosen by the server and if you think someone gets everything they are probably buying the new stuff or got exceptionally lucky.

I’ve also heard that Ava eats Horses on Mondays, K9’s on Wednesdays and Barnyard Birds on Fridays…… so I guess its Ponie Pals on Sundays, right? *rolls my eyes*.

A good thing to go to is the mythbusters class that the ARU holds if you have not already been, it does a good job of dispelling those myths. –

So with all that being said…. I want to make clear that I am not staff and my opinion is not Amarettos. I am just another breeder, just like all of you guys, but I do moderate the Amaretto groups and I would love it for you guys to speak up and talk to the Amaretto staff freely without worry.

The best way to squash any rumor is by finding out for yourself that Amaretto’s staff are just a bunch of friendly, nice and fun people!

So that’s it from me this week, have an awesome weekend and catch you all in the groups.


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