The Story of the Amarettobürger

 …not so long ago, a friendly robot made his way to Amarettoville from the far reaches of the vast Second Life grid. 🚀

Landing in the Barnyard, he was greeted by the Birds who offered him food from their garden. He had never had food like this before. “Yummy!,” he exclaimed. He ate his fill and, with a full stomach, thanked the Birds and then set off to explore. He walked through the K9s and then followed the stone path to Club Amaretto. “What a great place for parties,” he noted. The robot liked to party!

Next, he wandered over to the Amaretto Ranch University. “Empowering through knowledge!”, he mused. From there, the sound of water crashing against the rocks beckoned him to the pier, where he tried his hand at some 7Seas fishing. Catch and release, of course! 🐟

Afterwards, while meandering through the courtyard, the red roof of the barn at the Amaretto Horse Ranch caught his eye. He was truly amazed at all the wondrous things in Amarettoville. But, it was not until he squeezed through the hollow log into Ponie Pals Land, that his metal heart was overcome.

Never had he seen anything so cute and adorable. Right then and there he declared himself to be the Ponie Pals guardian forever. Inconspicuously disguising himself as a tree, he knelt down in the forest and there he remains ever watchful.

So, now you know the story of how the Amarettobürger* (bürger is German for citizen, inhabitant or resident) came to Amarettoville!

Be sure to look for him whenever you visit the Ponie Pals sim. 😊

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

P.s. He messaged his robot friends about the ponies and 3 more arrived to act as sentinels at mySLhorses!

*Original art, from the creative mind of Nashville Cortes




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