Barnyard Bird Incubator!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?! It’s crazier than a cuckoo bird how fast this year went by! Speaking of birds… today I wanted to tell you all about the Amaretto Barnyard Bird Incubator.

When your Birds drop their own nests those will be non-starter Barnyard Bird nests.

An incubator is used for hatching your Barnyard Bird Nests.

The nest will take 60 minutes to birth after being sent to the incubator.

The incubator can birth up to 12 Barnyard Birds at one time.

Be sure to set out food if you are going offline while your nest are in the incubator.

To use the Incubator

Rez the incubator

Rez your Barnyard Bird Nest within 10m of your incubator

Left click your Barnyard Bird Nest and click incubate

Click yes to send to incubator

Your Barnyard will take 60 minutes to be hatched.

While the eggs are in the incubator you can click the incubator an get a list of the birds uuids that are in the incubator.
You may want to copy an paste that list of uuids on a notecard in case something happens during birthing.

If you have a Barnyard Bird that cannot rez due to lack of prims please give the incubator time as it will re-rez the Barnyard Bird when the prims are available.


Be sure to go pick up your Christmas 2017 Editions!

Happy bird birthing and breeding!

Until next time…..




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