Amaretto gives you WINGS!

Hey guys wooot we made it all the way through hump day to Thirsty Thursday!

Well it sure has been exciting watching the groups today! Lots of newness coming from Mr. and Mrs. Amaretto Christmas!
Which by the way you can still get If you hurry because after tonight they are GOING, GOING, GONE! Remember these have to be breed together!

Remember they don’t go bad in your inventory so pick up a few for a rainy day!

I did want to confirm and show off these brand new WINGS!
You heard me right Amaretto gives you WINGS!
Ok alright enough corny jokes right? Lets see em!
Introducing to you wing:
Winter Snowflake

Candy Cane

You know what its amazing they match all the other Winter Snowflake and Candy Cane traits that we already have! What a coincidence! You almost might think someone did that on purpose!

You can check out all the wings and their opal versions here:

Cant wait to see these wings on your Candy Cane and Winter Snowflake projects! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding!



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