Turning “For Sale” into SOLD!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Today, I thought I would share a few helpful selling tips that I have been given through the years.

(These tips are in no particular order, they’re all important in their own way.)

• As with anything, whether it’s RL or SL, always remember Customer Service is a key to a successful business. Be nice to those repeat customers!

• Advertise! You can join the Amaretto Advertising Group at any store location. You can, also, check breeders profiles and markets to find other advertising groups. Be sure to check the group charters, though, so you stay within their spamming limits.

• Remember to double check that you actually set the breedable for sale. I know I, too, have priced items and forgot to click the ‘apply’ button.

• If your breedable is out for sale, many say it is a sales deterrent if the breedable is set to pet food. For sales purposes, most find it valuable to have the animals on breedable food.

• Do NOT put your breedables out for sale if it is in a red ban lines area. People can’t buy things if they can’t get to them. The same goes for checking landmarks to sky platforms or boxes. There have been many times I’ve TP’d to a location only to find myself falling! Also, make sure a LM in the sky is not on a parcel with Teleport Routing set to a ground landing point. You can check that by looking under “options” on About Land.

• Asking for pricing help usually does not get much help! The best suggestion you can get from anyone about pricing would be to go look around at the different markets and see what similar traits are selling for.

• It’s very important to be realistic with your prices. Remember the market changes according to the time of the month. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set your prices and stick to them it just means you should be willing to adjust. Never have a panic sale.

• Try to create a nice display at your store, one that will attract buyers, or at least make it easy for the buyers to see what you are selling.

Now, if you’re selling your breedables at auction here are the biggest things to remember:

• Ensure you are wearing the correct tag before you rez anything.

• Always check auction rules before you rent your panels as different auctions have different rules.

• Set your panels early to give the auctioneer time to prepare their sales approach and time to spam for just the right buyer.

• To be a good seller, you, also, have to be a good buyer. If everyone only goes to an auction to sell that is not beneficial to anyone.

I hope you find these tips useful for helping turn your “for sale” into…


Till next time…HAPPY BREEDING!


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