Confection Horses!

Happy Saturday everyone hope you are having a terrific day!

Today in my Customer Connection I wanted to take a look at those yummy confection coats!!

Amaretto celebrated their 4th Birthday on September 1, 2014 and to honor this occasion the Confection horses were revealed!

The Confection Horses can be randomly birthed by breeding together any two horses that have Confection Eyes.  You can check out all the confection eyes on the wiki at

Confection Horses can NOT pass their coat. However breeding a Confection Horse with another Confection Horse or with any other horse with Confection Eyes you will slightly increase your chance for another Confection Horse.

The Confection coat you receive will be chosen at random.

The Confection Eye that is on your specific Confection horse coat DOES have the ability to pass.



Until next time this is Snookie saying enjoy your weekend & have fun breeding for these amazing confection horses!!

Happy Breeding!


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