Puppy Paradise Fun!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to take a moment to cover a Puppy Paradise for the Amaretto K-9. Do you have a k-9 or kennel that you would like to send to Puppy Paradise? It is really simple to send your k-9 to Puppy Paradise, and you receive kennel cash back that you can use to buy some really awesome stuff!


Here is how you send your K-9 or kennel to Puppy Paradise.

Just click on any K-9/Kennel that you own, click on settings, then on Puppy Paradise and then confirm sending your K-9/Kennel to Puppy Paradise. Before you do that though you will see the point value of that K-9/ Kennel and a little notice that once a K-9 has been sent to Puppy Paradise it cannot be reversed.

***** WARNING******

You have to accept to send a K-9/Kennel to Puppy Paradise, therefore it cannot be reversed. So please make very sure this is something you really want to do. Even if it’s done by mistake it cannot be undone. So please be careful!

Below is a chart that shows the amount of Kennel cash you get for the ages of the K-9

0-10= 100 Kennel Cash
11-20=200 Kennel Cash
21-30=300 Kennel Cash
31-40=400 Kennel Cash
41-50=500 Kennel Cash
51-60=600 Kennel Cash
61-70=700 Kennel Cash
71-80=800 Kennel Cash
81-90=900 Kennel Cash
91-100=1000 Kennel Cash
101-110=1100 Kennel Cash
111-119=1200 Kennel Cash
120-125=1300 Kennel Cash
126 and older (Retired K-9s): 1400 Kennel Cash

You also get kennel cash for the following traits on each K-9 or Kennel

non-starter coats 100
non-starter eyes 100
Sheen (high or low) 100
Sheen Null 100
Radiance (high or low) 100
Radiance Null 100
non-starter ear 100
non-starter size 100
non-starter collar 100
Tint (Sunrise or Sunset) 100
Sunrise Null or Sunset Null 100
non-starter tail 100
non-starter nose 100
Gloom 100
Paw Polish 100

Now that we have some cash in our pockets, Lets go and buy some of the awesome things from the Puppy Paradise vendor!! You can find the Puppy Paradise vendor at any K-9 store location.


Paradise Puppy Dalmatian 250,000
Fu K-9s 250,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Pet Kibble & Water/Four Pack (Box) 16,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Mega Woof Vitamins Single (Box) 10,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Puppy Love Pill Single (Box) 8,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination Single (Box) 6,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Zing (K-9 Cola) Single (Box) 4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Rawhide Lollipop Single (Box) 4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Treats Five (Box) 4,000

If you wish to purchase an item, all you do is click on the board and you will receive a drop down menu asking you to confirm your purchase and the point cost. Once you confirm this purchase your order will be sent to you in world!!

Have a great week and Happy Breeding!!

Until next time…


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