Amaretto’s first Gacha!

Hello Amaretto Family hope everyone is having a great Thursday! You know that we at Amaretto are always trying to come up new and exciting things to bring you guys, so today I am uber excited to announce Amarettos first Gacha!

Thats right we know how some of your breeders love the Gachas! We are very excited to bring the world of Gachas and Amaretto together!

There is a Gacha for each Amaretto animal!
Amaretto Gachas will be only available at the Main Amaretto locations:

Horses –
K9s –
Birds –
Ponies –

Purchasing a Gacha you will get one of the following:
Ultra Rare

The Gacha Horses also have a hidden bonus allowing you to get
Common BONUS
Ultra Rare BONUS

All of the Gacha animals will be able to be transfered after they are birthed just like an LE! These animals are amazing! You can buy as many or as few as you wish! This also gives everyone the same chance to get something Ultra Rare!

The Amaretto Gacha machine will be changed out periodically and loaded with a brand new set of Gacha animals for you to collect.

All eyes on each Gacha Animal DO have the ability to pass!
The coats on each Gacha Animal DO NOT have the ability to pass!

It wouldnt be a bad idea if you kept one or two of these Gacha Animals cause you never know when you might need one down the road!

We will announce when we plan to change out the current set of Amaretto Gacha Animals!
I hope you will enjoy these Gacha Animals as much as we do! Happy Gachaing Everyone!


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