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Today, I want to tell you about some events planned by AMOC. What is AMOC? AMOC is an acronym for the Amaretto Market Owners Coalition. This group was created to bring market owners and breeders together. AMOC, also, sponsors many Community contests and events. You can keep up with AMOC by simply registering on the AMOC website. Just follow this URL:, and click on Register in the top right corner (if you’ve not already registered!). Then go to your email, verify your account and you’re all set!

Mark your calendars so you don’t miss any of these awesome upcoming Summer events!

➡ May General Meeting – Friday, May 11th at 1PM
In the tradition of the Kentucky Derby, we will be taking you for a day at the races! Bring a horse and come try out the Amaretto racetrack. You are encouraged to dress for the occasion. Break out the fancy hats and enjoy a Mint Julep! We hope to see you there!

➡ June General Meeting – Friday, June 8th at 1PM

➡ Beauty Contest – Friday, July 6th at 10AM thru Sunday, July 8th at 10AM
Enter your beautiful horses, k-9s, barnyard birds & ponies for your chance at winning Amaretto prizes! We will have 2 winners in each breedable category (horses, k-9s, barnyard birds, ponies). Remember you cannot enter an LE, SE, CE or DE as they are Amaretto creations and not breeder bred. Entries are limited to 20, so sign up TODAY! You can find entry forms here:

➡ July General Meeting – Friday, July 13th at 1PM

➡ BunKenNestKet Hunt – Friday, August 10th at 10AM thru Sunday, August 12th at 3PM
Perfect your hunting skills now because the hunt is back for another round! Hunting is limited to AMOC members only. Request a group invite from any of the AMOC team listed at the bottom of the page.

If you are a breeder or market who would like to participate in this next hunt, there are ONLY 6 spots still available! You can get participation requirements and the sign up form here:
Any entries over 20 will go on a waiting list. Sign up NOW!

Also, please keep donating those bundles, kennels, nests and baskets. This event can not happen without your generosity. You can find donation boxes here:

*Note: Please do not drag and drop large amounts of items into the donation box. They can get lost. The best thing to do is put them in a box/prim and label it with the number of items inside and put that in the donation box.

➡ August General Meeting – Friday, August 10th at 1PM

Location landmarks for all events will be sent out via Website and Group notification prior to each event.

To join the AMOC Group, please contact a member of the AMOC team for an invite:

Snookiegirl Resident
Sweetsavannahjane Resident
JesterofSorrow Resident
Tazzy Balbozar
Blush Topaz

And, don’t forget to follow AMOC on FB!

Till next time…HAPPY BREEDING!


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