Second Life has many lag issues, that can cause duplication of breedables, disappearance of breedables, or incomplete transfer of breedables. Having your breedable named can be very helpful especially when SL eats you Horse or K-9. We need information to remake your breedable. What we need is the Name of breedable and/or UUID number. If you leave you horse or K-9 as Amaretto Breedable Horse or Amaretto Breedable K-9 it can make it harder to find and sometimes impossible. The same goes for kennels and bundles.

We can only replace, remake your item if we have the information, so please take the time to name all your breedables.

Names can be as simple as using a number. It will also help you keep track and know when you are missing a horse or K-9.

When you get a bundle or kennel and you decide not to birth it, name it before you take it into your inventory. Lets say a few weeks down the road you decide to birth that bundle, and the horse stays white and doesn’t birth. You probably don’t remember who the parents of the bundle were, but if you have named the bundle and paid attention to the bundle name before you clicked birth, you now have some information to give us that can help in finding out about that bundle.



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