Linden Lab Policy and Raffles

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders:

I continually see posts, in breedable advertising groups, of markets holding raffles. As a courtesy to all fellow breeders, I would like to address the Linden Lab policy on wagering in Second Life.

Gambling is legally restricted in the United States and because Linden Labs is a United States based company they must adhere to such restrictions. However, this policy applies to all users of Second Life as it describes what Linden Lab believes it must do in order to maintain an atmosphere in which all applicable laws are respected.

Per policy: (last modified on 9 July 2014)

It is a violation to wager in games in the Second Life environment, operated on Linden Lab servers, if such games:

  1. Rely on chance or random number generation to determine a winner,
  2. Rely on the outcome of real-life organized sporting events,

AND provide a payout in

  1. Linden Dollars (L$)
  2. Any real-world currency or thing of value.

The list of games in the policy are only examples. But, by definition, a raffle is a gambling competition and falls into the broad category of prohibited wagering. This encompasses sploders, as well.(People risk Linden dollars on a random chance that something will occur.)

To stay within Linden Lab’s policy on gambling, a raffle cannot be paid to enter. That is, a raffle must either not charge for entries or not give away anything of value. Since practically anything could be considered to have value, the only solution is to not charge for entry.

This is not saying that Linden Lab does not allow wagering at all, but, it must be located on a gaming sim, developed by and owned by a licensed person. To become a Skill Gaming Region, you must apply to Linden Lab as an approved operator. However, they are no longer accepting operator applications at this time! Also, you must verify the age of legal majority, jurisdiction and account verification of each participant to allow someone to participate in a game of skill.

And, while you may still see raffle boards available for purchase on the marketplace, I would question how long that advertisement has been there. Linden Lab could take those ads down, but there is no legal requirement that they do. It is part of the EULA (end-user license agreement) that everyone agrees to, which absolves them of responsibility for such things. The EULA puts the responsiblity of your Second Life activities on you and you are expected to know the rules and to conduct your activities in Second Life in a legal way.

Linden Lab will actively enforce this policy. When Linden Lab discovers objects or games within Second Life that meet the policy’s definition, they will remove them from Second Life. They reserve the right to suspend or terminate the accounts of residents involved without refund or payment, and may report any relevant details, including user information, to authorities and financial institutions. Repeat offenders will be suspended or terminated.

Go here for a detailed list of definded terms and references:

Please be mindful of your in-world activities. I would hate to see any breeder lose their account for violation of Linden Lab’s Terms of Service because they were not knowledgeable of this policy.

Until next time…Safe and Happy Breeding!


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