Location Location Location!

Happy Friday Amaretto!! Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about all of our satellite stores. We have quite a few and I wanted to share them with you today. Everything that we have available at our main stores you can get at the satellite locations, plus there are markets to browse around as well. We currently have eight Horse satellite stores, five K-9 satellite stores, five Bird satellite stores and seven Ponie satellite stores. A few of these offer all of Amaretto’s breedables in one location.

On our websites front page, you can find the link to all of our locations:


Each of our different animals have their own section with the stores listed:

Horse, K-9s, Birds, Ponie Pals, and Other Amaretto Sims:

You can visit any of these by simply clicking the link named “Go Here Now”. The locations page also includes a legend to tell you the simm status at that moment.  I know many think that the main stores are the only spots to get everything you need, but now you know that there are many choices for all your Amaretto Breedable needs!

Until next time… Happy Breeding everyone!


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