The Amaretto Community Walk Of Fame

Hey Everyone!

Markus and I over at The Amaretto Community have decided to make a little fun event for the community since its coming up to Amaretto’s 8th Birthday by making our very own breeders walk of fame!

A little disclaimer first: The Amaretto Community Website & Sim is NOT run by Amaretto, it’s run by myself – Bastian Hax and Markus Margulis.

We are currently accepting nominations for the next 2 stars on The Amaretto Community walk of fame, we added all the Amaretto team on there for their 8 years of making amazing breedables.

Anyone that is into breeding Amaretto animals is eligible, so if there is someone you think deserves to be nominated then check it out – Nominations are open until the 26th of August, voting will commence on this same date and the new stars will be announced on September 1st!

You can read more about it & how to nominate at this link:

Or visit it in-world here:

That’s all from me today, have a great Sunday evening and see you all in the groups!



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