Amaretto Vendor System

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Did you know that just for breeding you could get some awesome Amaretto Products? If not, then let me tell you about the Amaretto Vendor System.

Each one of Amaretto’s four current breedables has a vendor system that allows you to collect points. For the horses it is Horse Haven, for the K9s it is Puppy Paradise, for the Birds it is Bird Sanctuary and for the Ponies it is Ponie Oasis.

Every time you send a live or unbirthed breedable to their respective Haven, Paradise, Sanctuary or Oasis you acquire points based on their traits, age, etc. With these points, you can purchase consumables and very special breedables.  **WARNING** ONCE A BREEDABLE HAS BEEN SENT TO HORSE HAVEN, PUPPY PARADISE, BIRD SANCTUARY OR PONIE OASIS, IT IS UNRECOVERABLE!

Take a look at what’s in each vendor!

Horse Haven/Horse Cents
(Item / Cost)
Amaretto Pet Food & Water/Four Pack  16,000
Amaretto Cocktail Single  10,000
Passion Pills Single  8,000
Amaretto Breedables Healing Kit  6,000
Amaretto Ranch Endurance Elixir Single  4,000
Sugar Cube Single  4,000
Horsie Snacks Five  4,000
Memorable Haven Horse Bundle  250,000
Haven Horse – Eagle Spirit  250,000
Haven Donkey  250,000
Haven Horse – Darkness  250,000
Haven Horse – Anubis  250,000
Haven Horse – Kaiila  250,000
Haven Horse – Zebracorn  250,000
Haven Horse – Safari Edition  250,000
Haven Horse – Phoenix Rising  250,000

Read more about Horse Haven here:

Puppy Paradise/Kennel Cash
(Item / Cost)
Amaretto Brand K-9 Zing (K-9 Cola) Single  4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Rawhide Lollipop Single  4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Puppy Love Pill Single  8,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Pet Kibble & Water/Four Pack  16,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Mega Woof Vitamins Single  10,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Treats Five  4,000
Amaretto Brand K-9 Vaccination Single  6,000
Paradise Puppy Dalmatian  250,000
Fu K-9s  250,000
Paradise Puppy – Hot Dog  250,000

Read more about Puppy Paradise here:

Bird Sanctuary/Henny Pennies
(Item / Cost)
Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single  8,000
High Potency Seeds Single  8,000
Poultry Glow Single  1,0000
Pet Pellets Six  18,000
Barnyard Birds Vivacity Corn Single  4,000
Hen Booster Pack Single  75,000
Rooster Booster Pack Single  75,000
Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Hen  75,000
Amaretto Sanctuary Bird – Wind it Up Nest Rooster  75,000

Read more about Bird Sanctuary here:

Ponie Oasis/Ponie Points
(Item / Cost)
Amaretto Ponie Pals Ponie Noodle Soup  10,000
Amaretto Ponie Pal Rainbow Cake Surprise  12,000
Amaretto Ponie Pal Moxie Sundae 10,000
Amaretto Ponie Pal Energize Me  6,000
Oasis Ponie Male  400,000
Oasis Ponie Female  250,000

Read more about Ponie Oasis here:

The appropriate vendors for each breedable can be found at their Amaretto Food stores. Find your favorite store locations here:

What’s more, several times a year, Amaretto will even have Double Points day! So you can get those extra points for the consumables you need and the breedables you want to collect!

Till next time….HAPPY BREEDING!


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