About Albinos

Some people are asking how you get Albinos. Well in todays post I will go over a few things about Albinos

How do you get an Albino?

Albinos come from full siblings. This means it has to be the same mother and same father not half father or half mother. Siblings do not have to have the same traits as some say to give you an Albino, that is not true at all.

Although I cannot give you what the odds are of getting an Albino from a sibling pair I can tell you that not every bundle from siblings will be an Albino.

Can Albinos pass their coat?

No they cannot pass their coat but they can produce another Albino if you put them with their sibling. Remember, there is no other way to get an Albino except from siblings.

Can Albinos pass their eyes?

YES, the eyes on the Albinos can pass.

Is there a list of Albino eyes?

Here is the list of the eyes that the Albinos do have:

Hazel Blue
Hazel Pink
Hazel Green
Multi Black White
Multi Blue Pink
Multi Brown Blue
Multi Green Blue
Multi Green Brown
Multi Pink Violet
Multi Silver Violet

I do want to throw in one more thing that is not about Albinos. Its about an issue I have seen come into play in the past few days that is an SL issue and if it happens to you this might help you in able to fix this issue.

Some have been having horses/bundles that they cannot get menu’s from, can’t pick up, delete them or return them. We are not sure what is causing this issue but there are a few fixes that might work before filing a ticket.

Try to sell the horse to a friend or alt. Someone you can trust. Most of the time after transfer it will be able to be moved.

Try restarting the sim sometimes this works as well

If these steps do not work for you then file a ticket and one of theCSR’s will come out and help you with this matter. This is not happening alot but I wanted to keep you all up to date with new issues that LL makes.


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