Design your own LE contest!

Hey guys I know a couple of you have been asking about the next step of the Design your own LE contest!

I have taken all submissions that were acceptable and only 1 submission from each person.

All submissions have been put out in world for you guys to vote on. This is the first vote so be sure that you vote for your favorite so it will make it in the top 5!!

Please go to the main store

Look over all submissions each entry has a number on the right hand corner of the picture. Create a note card and in the subject put the number of your favorite design. Then take that notecard and drop it in the pink mail box.

There are a few rules to follow when voting:
Only put one number of your favorite on the notecard, if you put more than one your vote will not be counted.

Only vote once!!! If there are more than one notecard created by the same person all notecards submitted by that person will be deleted.

Voting is open to breeders only so if you invite all your friends who dont breed their votes will not be counted.

Voting is open in world until Oct 19, 2018!

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal! Happy voting everyone!


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