Designer LE Contest Final Round of Voting!

Hey guys I know everyone has been wondering where the Designer LE Contest Board and mail box went. I have picked it up because we have moved on to stage 2 of the voting!

Here is a link to the 2nd round of voting. I did gather all votes verified they are breeders and that they only voted once.

I am excited to show you the top 5 entries that have moved on to the final round!

You will only be able to vote once so choose wisely!

To vote all you have to do is go to


click on the link Designer Le Contest

You will have to put in your email address and your sl name and enter the security question. The survey system will then send you a link to take the survey to the email addres you provided.

Please pick the design that you would like to see as the next LE that Amaretto releases!

Here are the top 5 designs:

If you have any problems with the survey please contact me Avalon Crystal in world.
Happy Voting everyone!!!


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