2018 Asian Steampunk released!

Hello everyone! Its almost Friyay, thats what I call every day but Friyay!
Well its taken us a few months to complete the idea that we had announced at our birthday that we were going to give our breeders a chance to submit the ideas for a Limited Edition Horse!

Some of you had ideas your submitted, others drew their own art work, some took images from the INTERNET. After all submissions were submitted we held an inworld voting at our main store and narrowed it down to the top 5!

You can see the top 5 here:

We announced the winner of the LE Designer Contest, on Nov 1, 2018!
Congrats to the winning design from Blush Topaz!

Now that brings us to today the Amaretto Team has been hard at work and we are glad to announce starting today November 15, 2018 to November 29th! You can pick up yours at any Amaretto location either a Single or a Double Pack!

2018 Asian Steampunk – Midori
Eye: Midori
Saddle: Jin se

2018 Asian Steampunk – Mandarin
Eye: Mandarin
Saddle: Hong se

Any breeding of these gives you a chance at a surprise! The eyes do have the ability to pass on these amazing horses as well!

Don’t worry we plan to do the other design contests for all of Amaretto animals.

Go get yours today! Happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!


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