Bloody Duck Legs?!

Hello everyone it is your favorite Ava here, or wait maybe your least who knows! But i was looking over the Halloween Edition DOS and I realized that I forgot to spotlight one of them. I am soooooo sorry to all the duck lovers out there but better late than never!

So I wanted to take the time to show off to everyone this awesome Bloody Leg trait that you can get for your ducks!

How do you get one of these? Well from any breeding of the 2018 Halloween Edition Ducks!

So this might be the first Bloody trait in a bunch that the ducks will have one day! Remember that this leg DOES have the ability to pass!

You can check out all the Duck Legs here

I know you guys will be working these legs in your ducks im thinking they would look great on a Black Swedish! Well have a great day everyone we have almost made it to December! In fact go buy some food while its still on SALE!!! This is Ava over and out!


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