How to submit your Designer Breedable!

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday before Christmas!

Ever wonder how to share that gorgeous breedable that you designed by matching up just the right traits to achieve the creation that you imagined?  Did you know that you can submit that project/design that you have been working on to AMOC to be displayed in one of the many designer albums on the AMOC facebook page?  Well you can! So how do you go about doing that?

1st decide on your base (coat, breed or style) eyes, mane & tail
2nd decide on what you want to use for the designer traits, for example:
Coat/Hair Hues, Wings,Horns, Saddles,Bridles, Ear Tips, Brand, Socks, Hoofs, Looney Legs, Wild Hairs, Beaks, Legs, Wings, Nose, Paw Warmers, Dipped ears,Wings, Horns, Style, etc.

Oh my so many to choose from but that is where the fun comes in right? You decide what you want your completed project to have trait wise!

Wow, you have done all that? Great!! Now what to do next.

How to submit to AMOC:
1st Create a notecard and name it your creation name, avatar name & date then on the inside of the notecard list the information about your project/creation, for example:

My Creation by
My Avatar
Horse/K9/Bird/Ponie Stats
Parents Stats

Please list what stats you will want to see on the completed creation/project. It does NOT have to be completed to submit. Parents full stats (including UUIDs) MUST be sent in with the designer.

3rd Take a picture of the breedable as it currently looks (you can always submit an updated picture at a later date). Make sure the picture is full perm and drag it into the notecard.

4th Drop the notecard into the collection box just inside the AMOC Headquarters

Your creation will be posted as soon as we verify that there has not already been a similar project previously submitted. If there is already a similar project we will verify the date the picture was taken and that will determine the creator (think of the picture as your copyright)!!

You can take a look at some of the many AMOC certified designers that have been submitted in the past from Festive Traits, Coloring Book, Sweet Treats, Reds Reds & more Reds and so many more right here

Please note that submissions can take up to one week to appear on the facebook page.  We do not contact you in-world so once you have submitted make sure to check the page and if you do not see the post after a week please contact Snookie in-world for an update.

And you know what is missing? You are! So what are you waiting for submit your designer horse, K-9, barnyard bird or ponie pal today!

Until next time this is Snookie saying Happy Designing, Merry Christmas & Happy Breeding!!




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