Blancos and Mutts!

Hey everyone! We made it to Friday!!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Today I want to talk to you about some awesome K9s… the Blanco and Mutt K9s!!

What is a blanco?

The Blanco’s are K-9s that come from breeding two K-9s of the same color coats together. For example, breeding two Tan Tri-Color Beagles together could produce a Blanco Beagle. The coats on the Blanco K-9s do NOT have the ability to be passed on. The Blanco collars DO have the ability to be passed on. The following blancos are available:

Blanco Beagle
Blanco Boxer
Blanco English Bull Terrier
Blanco Husky
Blanco Jack Russell Terrier
Blanco Miniature Schnauzer
Blanco Pug
Blanco Yorkie
Blanco Wolf
Blanco Great Dane
Blanco Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Blanco Chihuahua
Blanco Cairn Terrier
Blanco Dogue de Bordeaux
Blanco Rottweiler
Blanco Doberman
Blanco Miniature Pinscher




Whats a Mutt?

The Mutts are what you have a chance of getting when you breed two FULL siblings together. In order to be FULL Siblings both K-9s must have the same mother and father. Now even though the Mutt coat DOES NOT have the ability to be passed on, the Mutt eyes DO have the ability to be passed on.

The following mutts are available:

Beagle Mutt
Boxer Mutt
English Bull Terrier Mutt
Husky Mutt
Miniature Schnauzer Mutt
Pug Mutt
Yorkshire Terrier Mutt
Jack Russell Mutt
Wolf Mutt
Great Dane Mutt
Chihuahua Mutt


You can read more and see pics of the Blacos and Mutts by visiting our wiki page at this link

Happy Blanco and Mutt breeding!

Until next time…


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