NEW Ponie Pals Face Markings!

Hi there Amaretto community and Happy Friday! Is everyone ready for the weekend?! I am! To start off the weekend with a little excitement I wanted to introduce you all to some of the new face markings available for the Ponie Pals!

Let’s start off with this cutie below! On Thursday, November 22 any basket dropped could have had the possibility to randomly get a new face marking Falling Leaves! As with the other Face markings, this one has the chance to pass on!

Next I want to share with you the Ponie Pals face markings that came from the 2018 Gacha Editions Emoji Ponies! The Chuckle, Specs, and Oopsy Poopsy face markings! These adorable face markings also can be passed on! You can read all about the 2018 Gacha Editions Emoji Ponies here!!

These adorable face markings will make great additions to so many creative projects you may be working on! So don’t miss out! You can still get your Emoji Gancha Ponies!

Happy Breeding! Until next time…



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