Advertising Your Breedables

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!!

As most of you are aware, advertising is NOT allowed in the chat groups. However, Amaretto wants you to be able to advertise your auctions, markets and sales, so, they created a group for you to do just that. The Amaretto Advertising Network is just for your Amaretto Ranch Breedables. You can post them for sale, for trade and or give-a-way! Feel free to advertise your stores/booths no matter their location. Auctions may, also, be advertised.

The group is open to all avatars 40 days or older and is free to join by going to any Amaretto food store and clicking on it from the Group Joiner Board.

Just a reminder, there are a few rules that need to be followed:

  • The posting limit for this group is 1 notice per 2 hours. (NO GROUP CHAT)

Did you know you can advertise directly on the Amaretto Breedables Network website?

Hopefully, by now, you have all signed up to this website as it’s a fantastic resource for all things Amaretto!

Here you can buy advertising space on the front page of the Amaretto website by following the easy instructions under Create an AD.

Advertising packages can be purchased in one, two, three and four week rotations.
Ads consist of:

  • 180 x 180 max banner size
  • 25 character title limit
  • 135 character Ad description limit
  • Ad starts on approval from administrator

So utilize these tools and get your breedables sold!

Till next time….HAPPY BREEDING!



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