Brand new monthlies for Feb!!!

Well its that time again and can you believe we already almost already have the first month of 2019 behind us?! Crazy!

With a new month brings some new and exciting things to breed for! I know you guys are all wanting to know what will you want to breed for the month of February!

So I wont make you guys wonder any longer!
Starting February 1st to February 28 when you breed together any two Akhal-Tekes you will have a chance at getting an Akhal-Teke Show Horse!
Here is the Akhal-Tekes which you may use to breed to get your Show Horse in February!

Wait thats not all! Because we are also getting another opportunity to breed for some Elemental Animals! You guessed it from February 1st to March 31st you could get a Fire Elemental Animals!

K-9 breeders you will need to breed any Rottweiler to a K-9 with a Firey Hunter Eye! You will have 2 months to try to get a Fire Elemental K9!

Bok Bok! Where are my Barnyard Bird breeders? Well if you want to get your hands on a Fire Elemental Chicken you will need to breed any two Chickens with Shades Fire! You only have February 1st to March 31st so get to it!

Ponie! Ponie! Ponie! I can’t forget my Ponie breeders from February 1st to March 31st if you breed a Cherry Bandit to a Masquerade in Tangerine you will have a chance to get a
Fire Elemental Ponie!

I think you guys are gonna love these Fire Elemental animals! I cant wait to see the Akhal-Teke Show Horse either I know its gonna be AWESOME! Well happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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