Akhal-Teke Showhorse!

Hello everyone! I hope that your day is going well! We have made it to almost Friyay!
I wanted to take some time out to show you guys how awesome and amazing this months show horse is!


Take a look at this beauty its the Akhal-Teke Showhorse, with the Aurelian Eye and Saddle!


How do you get your hands on one? Well from February 1st to February 28th if you breed any 2 Akhal-Teke Horses together you will have a chance at getting a Akhal-Teke Showhorse!

The Aurelian Eye and Saddle DO have the ability to pass! So keep your eyes out for this amazing horse!

You can read all about it here:

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!


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