The Amaretto Family

Hey Everyone,

As most of you already know about The Amaretto Community website ( not ran by Amaretto but by myself and Bazza) today I want to tell you all about a NEW website that Bazza and I have been working on over the past few weeks!

The Amaretto Family ( is an extension of The Amaretto Community.

So why the 2 websites?, Well let me explain why.

Firstly, The Amaretto Community (TAC) website is not going anywhere, It will still be used for sharing new traits/showing off the goodies you get in-world and keeping everyone up to date. However, the “community” features of the website were relatively complicated and not very clean and easy to use for the average user, and this showed by the lack of community features, it also was buggy at times with registration and also password resets. So we have taken the decision to disable registration and the membership mechanics on the TAC website. If you had an account on there you will no longer be able to log into it.

The Amaretto Family (TAF) website is a separate platform to TAC. TAF uses software that is widely adopted across forums and communities. The official Second Life forums run on this very software. It is much easier to register, adjust profiles, reset passwords and take part in the community.

One very useful feature is full integration with Discord – We will be taking the step to rename our Discord channel to “The Amaretto Family”.

Secondly, to bring the community closer together we have integrated the folks over at AMOC (Amaretto Market Owner Coalition) into this ecosystem. (AMOC’s previous website had similar issues in regards to communities as TAC did). So if you are an avid AMOC user you should sign up here and grab an account as you will need it to register here for future AMOC events. AMOC’s Forum:

This platform is years ahead of the previous so we encourage you all to sign up and join in! – We are still working on adding everything so keep an eye on this site over the coming days.
We also have plans to add some exciting new features to the platform over the coming weeks/months!

On that note our in-world TAC signs have been readjusted to show the changes to the site. So if you have an old one out you should probably pick up a new one (for free) here: Seven/219/161/21

We also have a new sign for TAF which can also be picked up for free at the same location!

A special thanks goes out to Josie for letting us post this 3rd party community on the connection. <3

Hugs everyone, Marku <3


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