Have a Dazzling Jewel Day!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

When it comes to fun holidays, March 13 is a real gem! It’s National Jewel Day.

Jewel is a term used to refer to gemstones. The word comes from the Medieval Latin word jocale meaning plaything or pastime. It’s, also, a great day to start a dazzling project with Amaretto breedable horses!

Just look at these beautiful dazzle, dazzle starshine and dazzle heartshine eyes.




Want even more bling? Well, by breeding any 2 dazzle eyes together you have a chance at one of these bejeweled dazzle coats!


The eyes do not have to be identical; they can be any combination of the above to have a chance at randomly getting one of these gorgeous horses. Dazzle horses can NOT pass their coat, however, the eyes and saddles, that come with each amazing dazzle horse, DOES have the ability to pass. And, it that wasn’t enough, breeding a dazzle horse with another dazzle horse, or with any other horse with dazzle eyes, will slightly increase your chance for another dazzle horse!

So get to breeding those dazzle eyes and celebrate all things shiny and sparkly!

Till next time…Happy Breeding!


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