Hello Horse lovers!

I would like to start my blog out by saying that each and everyone of us here at Amaretto appreciate each and every loyal supporter out there. Amaretto would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for you. We at Amaretto try to do all things possible to make everyone happy and content with their horse raising and breeding experiences. Unfortunately, as everyone know, it is virtually impossible to do so. There is always going to be someone who we were unable to please or satisfy, and this does sadden us. We want Amaretto to be an enjoyable experience for all. As Amaretto grows… changes and fixes are inevitable, and for all of you who have stuck by us through the changes, we just want to say you are very respected and appreciated!

With that being said, Amaretto has pride in it’s company and will no longer allow our groups and forums to become a breeding ground for downing, trash talking, or plain out slandering of Amaretto, the individuals who work for Amaretto or Amaretto customers. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS accepted when offered with concern or care but, a line has to be drawn somewhere. If anyone is found in the groups, forums, or support system, trashing talking Amaretto as a company, the individuals that work for Amaretto, or Amaretto customers, it will not be tolerated. The person/persons found to be doing these such actions can and will get their rights to all groups, forums, and the ticket support system revoked, as we deem necessary to stop the issues. The Amaretto owners, developers, and Staff work long, hard hours to try and make this a memorable and fun time for all. Let’s please keep the groups and forums calm and peaceful. The groups and forums are meant to be an informative, enjoyable place for all to come. And please, keep the support system free from negativity and rude nonconstructive comments. Our support system is meant to help individuals with technical issues for the horses and bundles. It makes the CSR’s jobs harder and more time consuming having to shift through the negativity and find the tickets of customers that are truly needing help.

Basically, Amaretto wants horse breeding and raising to be an exciting and fun time. We know a lot of people have left or closed the groups and miss out on important information because of the constant turmoil in the groups and forums. We will be cracking down on the individuals responsible for the ruckus and will not be allowing Amaretto, Amaretto employees, or any other individuals to be belittled or talked down to. Again, the groups, forums, and support system are there to help our customers, to keep our customers informed of Amaretto news, and to allow customers and fellow breeders a place to come and share their positive experiences with the horses.

Thank you again for all who have supported Amaretto. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Until my next post…….


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