Easter 48 hour sale!

Hello everyone! Today is a great day at Amaretto! Today is Good Friday!
The ‘Good’ in Good Friday comes from old English when Good meant Holy. So you could call Good Friday, ‘Holy Friday’.

There are parades all over the world to celebrate and remember Good Friday. In Spain and some other countries, people who are very sorry for their wrong doings (called ‘Penitents’) walk through the streets wearing long robes with hoods and carrying a big cross of wood.

In some countries, including the U.K., sometimes a single person or group of church members carry a large wooden cross, around the streets near the church, before the Good Friday service. They may be also followed by the rest of the people going to church. Sometimes they will stop and have a reading from the Bible or sing a song before going to the service.

In some Central and South American countries there will be a procession of statues to the church before the service. These are often statues of Jesus, Mary and other saints. In Greece, people go to the church in a procession as if they were going to a funeral. Some Orthodox and Catholic churches have models of tombs as the centre piece of the service to help people remember Jesus died.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, it is a special time for many people.

Amaretto wanted to celebrate Good Friday and Easter with a 48 hour sale! That is right every Amaretto consumable will be discounted by 20%! Thats right! So stock up while you can! Take advantage of this deal and remember to take some time and spend it with the ones you love and enjoy a 3 day weekend if you get one!

*****This sale will run TODAY thru Sunday! SALE items are located outside the main store! Look for the shopping cart!*****

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!!


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