Sometimes its hard to say Goodbye!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter and got to make some memories with family and friends! Did you get to take advantage of the 48 hour sale? I hope so!

I have some news for everyone, as of Friday April 19, 2019 Jaymee Caproni is no longer associated with Amaretto.
Jaymee has been apart of the Amaretto family since day 1! We are sad to see Jaymee go, however we understand that sometimes you have to move on.

Jaymee will be missed however, we are committed more than ever to making sure that each breeder has a great Amaretto experience. We will not be replacing Jaymee at this time.

I know a lot of you are wondering what to do with those old school forever foals?! Well if you have a old forever foal that needs to be sent in, please just file a ticket and we will get you all fixed up!

Please dont worry, I do not think this will cause a ticket slow down or effect any of the events that we currently hold.
Thanks for 9 great years Jaymee!

Happy breeding everyone, this is Ava over and out!


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