Craved Coats Announced!

Hey everyone its a thirsty Thursday around Amaretto, everyone is bustling about working on a lot of new surprises just for you!

I am lucky enough to be able to unveil the first of many surprises to come from Amaretto! As much as everyone including myself LOVED the show horses it was time for us to move on! There was much debate as what we would do for the next monthly breedings, we know you guys love them and look forward to the every month!

So i am glad to announce that starting June 1st, we will begin to breed for Craved Coats! Whats a Craved Coat? Well its a coat that everyone wants but only few will get! Think of this as cross between a Crazed and a Showhorse! Why not the best of both worlds?!

Here is the kicker Craved Coats WILL have the ability to pass! Yes you heard me right a Craved Coat will have the ability to pass their coat!! What will they look like? I can’t tell you that but they will be amazing! Im excited to see what you guys will think of these!!

I almost forgot there will be a Craved Coat for the Horses, K-9s, Chickens, and Ponies! How exciting!
Just like previous special monthlies you will get for the 1st of the month until midnight the last day of the month to randomly get one of these Craved coats if your breeding meets the qualifications for that month! Each month we will have a different set of qualifications!

We will start the breeding for Craved Coats on June 1, 2019, so that will give everyone plenty of time to get ready!

So now you wondering what are the first month qualifications ?
Well starting on June 1st until June 30th anytime you breed two Overos, Splashed Great Danes, Faverolles, or Painted Ponies you will have a chance at a brand new Craved Coat!

This will be so much fun and the coat will be able to pass on!!! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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