2019 ARU Graduation!!!

Hello Amaretto Community! I have some exciting news to share with everyone! You have asked, wondered, and asked again.
When is the next ARU Graduation? Well I can finally give you the answer!

The Graduation for 2019 will be August 7th, 2019 at 5:00 PM SLT!

Here is a list of the current confirmed graduates:
Malvom Magno (Malvom Resident)
Łɨŧŧłɇ Łɨłłɏ (oOOOLillyOOOo Resident)
Redrose Deschainn (Redrosemoon Resident)
ⓗⓞⓛⓖⓔⓡ (Holger Papp)
Kim1 Miami
Candy Obscure (CandyGurl Bing)
Britta Horngold
Serenity Taylor (SerenityTaylor Resident)
Alvin Burner
Grey Monday (Greyvenney Resident)
Tudi Teardrop
ɱ૨ร รσƒℓყყ รµαƶเαɳ ૮ɦเรɱ (MsDiamonds01 Resident)
Chandni Yakubu (Chandiny Levee)
ѕнαηαуα уαкυвυ (IceAngel Firecaster)
xNiXiEx Resident

If your name is not on the above list and you have finished all your ARU classes please put a graduation application note card with your name in the mail box located in the back of the class room.

For those of you who are just missing a couple of classes announcing the graduation so far out should give you the opportunity to get them taken before the graduation.

If you have any questions please just contact Avalon Crystal in world. Im very excited this will be Amarettos 9th Graduation!! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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