Amaretto Mythbusters!

As most of you know, I am always in the group either talking, answering questions or just watching whats going on with our breeders. I have seen recently some things said that made me feel the need for this connection today. I will be busting some myths today, you ready? Here goes…

  1. “My ticket was just closed with no response!” WRONG! We take the time to answer each and every ticket that is filed with our support. Some have emails that may send the responses to spam folder etc so they do not see our response, that is why it is important to go back into your tickets and check for responses.
  2. “I have never got anything good my whole breed time!” WRONG! We have the ability to see everyone’s horses, past and present, who they sold them to etc etc, so when people go into the group and complain, we know the truth! Just a heads up 🙂
  3. “Only people that Amaretto likes gets the good stuff!” WRONG! All traits are server generated, we do not sit all day, cause we have absolutely nothing to do all day, and pick and choose from our THOUSANDS of breeders, who gets what, the server picks and chooses and it doesn’t care who lol
  4. “The moderators are staff and they get special treatment!” WRONG! Our group mods are NOT Amaretto staff, they have no access to our private staff sim, servers etc etc. They help out in the groups and with events and that is all. They are breeders themselves, just like all of you, and have to breed and work at their projects just like any other breeder. (See number three ^^)
  5. “I did not know their was an update, I didn’t see any notices or anything!” WRONG! When important things happen, we spam the heck out of it! We do blogs, Facebook posts, Tweets, TONS of group notices etc etc. So when someone makes the above statement we can only assume they are not in any of our groups or on Facebook, or don’t have Twitter, which would not be a good thing as a breeder, so be proactive!!

I hope this helps to bust those myths and end some confusion for our breeders, I am sure I will be back to bust some more of those pesky myths soon!! Until next time, Happy Breeding!!


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