11 Traits!

Hey everyone the other day we went over the max horse traits but guess who else got to add another trait to their list of possibilities! Thats right its those adorable Ponies!

Now lets talk about the new headpiece trait! If you got and breed some of the Mothers Day Edition Ponies then you had a chance of getting a brand new trait Head Piece: Bow Fuchsia! How exciting its now the 11th trait! That means that you can have a Head Piece and horn!

1 ponie style (non starter)
2 eyes (non starter)
3 face markings
4 mane (non short)
5 tail (non short)
6 ear size short, long
7 ear type lop, lop right, lop left
8 wings
9 wing size small , large
10 horns
11 Head Piece

I love these bows on the ponies they are just toooo cute! Remember guys that the Head Piece: Bow Fuchsia or Head Piece: Bow Lilac do have the ability to pass! Its been a min since we got a new ponie trait so im super excited! Well this is Ava over and out happy breeding everyone!


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