Hey everyone!! Well another Monday has approached us hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Lots of exciting things been happening at Amaretto. Just a quick reminder that the Valentines limited edition horses and special edition k9’s are still for sale. Go pick up yours today if you haven’t already! Also dont forget that Mrs. Karrie is hosting the fervor ball tomm night a formal event for all you guys and gals to attend!

I wanted to take a few minutes to revisit a issue that Ive seen a few times lately, I have gotten a few tickets about horses being misshaped. If this happens to you dont freak out! You dont even have to file a ticket there is a easy fix you can do your self. All you have to do is turn movement on and the horse will correct itself, once its fixed you can turn movement back off.

Also another thing to be aware of, is kennels with sunrise or sunset being born you will have to file a ticket on these, if you do not want to birth them you can hold on to the them until you are ready and we will fix them at that time.

I hope that i have saved a few of you some time and confusion! I hope everyone is has a good week and happy breeding!


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