Linden Lab Changes!

Hey guys! Its your favorite Ava! Or maybe your least favorite Ava! So sl sure has been busy and the blogs, forums, and facebook sure are buzzing!
So I thought I would take some time and let all of the Amaretto Community know changes that are coming to second life starting in June! I am sure that these
changes will effect everyone in one way or another.

So the good news is………………. land will be cheaper! Yay! Lets hope those landlords pass down the savings right!

The not so good news is, that starting June, 24, 2019 that Linden Labs will be making changes to their Premium Membership, these changes might effect your group space or how many offlines you may get before you cap. But those new linden house boats should help soften the blow!

So LInden Labs seems to be working on improving the grid and making changes all the way around! The point of this connection is so that you guys can stay informed. Before Amaretto i didnt check secondlifes blogs or forums, things would change and I would wonder what happened. LOL.

We are all residents in this community and I think it is very important we educated ourselves with what is going on, on the grid.

Here is a link to Linden Labs announcements and changes so take the time to keep an eye out, so you will know whats going on!

Lets be proactive and keep up with the daily buzz and changes to our wonderful virtual play ground! Don’t listen to everyone else educate yourself and make your own opinion. This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone!


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