Batty Bosom Bow Lilac and Fuchsia!

Hey everyone! Its Friyay Eve!!! Well i been showing you guys awesome horse traits that came out in the 6.01 update. Today I wanted to switch it up and show off a little bosom!

Batty Bosom that is! On May 7, 2019 Amaretto celebrated mothers day with Mothers Day Edition Birds, the surprise hiding in these birds that you could get from any breeding of the 2019 Mothers Day Edition. Batty Bosom – Bow Lilac and Batty Bosom – Bow Fuchsia!

I know exactly what I would like to put this Batty Bosom on, how about you?

Remember you can check out all the Batty Bosom anytime on our wiki:

Oh don’t forget that these Batty Bosoms all have the ability to pass! Well thats its for today, this is Ava over and out, Happy Breeding!


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