Create Your Own Ponie Pegacorn!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

What is a Pegacorn?
Thought only to be mythical creatures, winged unicorns or horned Pegasus have been found depicted in seals from the early Achaemenid Assyria Empire (539 BC – 330 BC), now the modern day Middle East.

This creature has no specific name, but, in some literature, it has been referred to as an alicorn or as a pegacorn, a blending of pegasus and unicorn.

In art, the pegacorn has been associated with darkness and light. Irish poet W. B. Yeats wrote of imagining a winged beast that he associated with ecstatic destruction. The beast took the form of a winged unicorn in his 1907 play, ‘The Unicorn from the Stars’, and later that of the rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem in his poem, ‘The Second Coming’.

Amaretto Unleashes Your Imagination!
With so many matching wing and horn traits its easy to let your imagination run wild with possible Ponie Pal designs. Let’s take a look!

The Wings trait comes from breeding “Starter Style” Ponies together or one starter with any other Ponie. When the Ponie Pals were released on June 15, 2017, starter Ponies were able to drop two different Ponie wing sizes – large and small. The first non-starter colors consisted of Milky, Murky, Pickle, and Punch.

Other wings were revealed as follows:

  • Amaretto celebrated 4th of July 2017 with the Celebrate Independence Ponies. These ponies were hiding a new wing Celebrate from any breeding.
  • When Amaretto released the first Ponie Oasis Ponie on September 19, 2017, an added surprise was a chance of getting a Golden wing if you breed your Amaretto Oasis Ponie Mardi Gras with a Masquerade in Lemon, Gold Bandit, or Yellowie Fabulous.
  • November 2017 saw the release of the Fall Ponies. The wing Amber and Autumn were hidden surprises from any breeding!
  • Valentines Day 2018 was celebrated with a 24-hour random drop of Valentine’s traits. One of these traits was the XOXO wing!
  • From one of our create-your-own auctions, fellow breeder, 0000TROUBLEMAKER0000, worked alongside Amaretto Artists to create the Prism Wing.
  • The A.R.U. wing was hiding in the A.R.U. Commencement Ponie awarded to the 2018 graduates of A.R.U.!
  • On Jan.14, 2019, Amaretto released its first-ever Stride Towards Freedom to honor and celebrate Martin Luther King Day. These Ponies were hiding the Gold Glitter wing!

These wings CAN be passed on.

Amaretto celebrated Halloween 2017 with Vampire Bat Ponies! These Ponies were hiding the 10th Ponie trait, Horns! The first horn colors were Milky, Murky, Pickle, Twisted Murky and Twisted Pickle.

Other horns followed soon after:

  • When Amaretto celebrated Mardi Gras 2018 with the Mardi Gras Krewe of Amaretto Edition ponies, these ponies were hiding 2 brand new horns Sweet Pea and Twisted Sweet Pea.
  • On July 4, 2018, Amaretto celebrated Independence day with 24-hour randomly dropped traits. The Americana horn was one of the random traits!
  • Halloween 2018 was celebrated with four unique Superstition Ponies. From any breeding of these Ponies, you had the chance of getting a Bloody horn!

All the Ponie Pal Horns CAN pass.

So you can see, the possibilities are endless! Start breeding your very own Ponie Pegacorn today!

Until next time…Happy Breeding!


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