Amaretto 4th Country Fair!

Hey everyone its a Terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto! I got something super awesome to share with you guys!

We kicked off the Amaretto 4th Country Fair with a live performance from Mimi Carpenter! She was amazing and i hope you guys got to come down to hear her. Thats just the start! We have sooooo much more planned.

Lets talk Auction first!

Yesterday we opened the bid board on all the items that will be auctioned off on Friday July 12th, 2019 at 3 PM!

Anyone can bid, the highest bid on the bid boards will be the opening bid at the auction! Go check em out in world here:

We also wanted to unveil our next set of 7 Heavenly Virtues and 7 Deadly Sins!
There are horses, k-9s, and chickens for the following:

OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth
Eye: Sloth

OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Diligence
Eye: Eye of Providence

The ponies even have the cutest OOAK you have ever seen!
Take a look at these:
2019 OOAK Lady Bug Ponie
eye: Lady Bug

2019 OOAK Bumblebee Ponie
Eye: Bumblebee

There are also a ton of User Created stuff you can bid on too! So get over to the Amaretto 4th Country Fair and check them all out! Get your bids in and Good Luck! Be sure that you check out the other events that are going on all week! This is Ava over and out!


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