And the nominees are……..

Yeah we survived another week! It was full of surprises, I hope you all enjoyed what you got this weekend! So I have some exciting news………Amaretto Breedables was nominated in two categories in the BOSL’S Awards.

For those not familiar with BOSL that is Best of Second Life.We at Amaretto are all really honored by this and wanted to give our community the chance to support us and vote!! Doing something like these BOSL Awards will give our community a chance to become more main stream and introduce breedables to people who don’t even know they exsist! (can you believe that people dont know about breedables? I cant LOL)

We are nominated for :

21. AVATAR OF THE YEAR- Josaphine Cooperstone – Amaretto Breedables  and

11. BEST ORIGINAL PROJECT -Amaretto Breedable Horses


When I asked, the owner (Frolic Mills) who could vote for these awards this was the response:

Q: Can I vote?

A: If you are an experienced fashionista, member of the press or a content creator, you may type up your winners and send to me on a notecard. The BOSL AWARDS are not a popularity contest, its more about celebrating those content creators who make Second Life a better place.

You can im Avalon Crystal for the voting note card I have or join the BOSL group and get the voting note card from past notices.  So lets all support Josaphine and Amaretto and take the time to vote!!

I also had a great idea I know you guys have all heard of Dear Abby, well what about Dear Ava? Please only horse related questions.  You can send me some Dear Ava note cards in world, and I will choose one (or more) each week to answer on the Customer Connectiion! Please title your note cards Dear Ava Customer Connection! Happy breeding everyone!! Cya next week!


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