Nomination Time!

Hello everyone guess what time it is?? Its time to nominate your favorites for the 9th Breeders Choice awards!!
I know its so hard to believe Sept 1st is almost here!

This year Amaretto is turning 9 years old!

For our birthday celebration keeping with Amaretto traditions, we will be hosting the biggest Amaretto party on the grid on September 1st!

Amaretto’s 9th Year Festival will start at 11 AM SLT and continue until 4 PM SLT. This will include the Breeders choice awards!

So lets talk about those nominations, please only send in one nc as you can only nominate once, if you are found to be submitting more than 1 notecard of nominees your nomination will not count and you could be banned from voting, so make sure that you know we are watching!

How to nominate someone just, look for this trophy at any Amaretto location!

Create a notecard and copy/paste the categories with your breeder choice for each. When completed, drag the saved notecard from your inventory onto the suggestion box.

Breeders Choice Award Categories

Please submit one name for each category:

Best Auction House:

Best Breedable Market:

Best Auctioneer:

Best Amaretto Collection:

Most Creative Horse Breeder:

Most Creative K-9 Breeder:

Most Creative Bird Breeder:

Most Creative Ponie Breeder:

Most Helpful Breeder:

Most Comedic Breeder:

Sexiest Breeder:

Wiki Wizard:

If there is a category you would like to see and isnt on the list write it in at the bottom of your notecard, as we love great suggestions!

If you have any questions please let me know! Keep your eyes open for more Amaretto’s 9th Year Festival details, Happy nominating everyone! This is Ava over and out!!


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