Do you Wiki?

Hey everyone its Monday! And if your in the states Presidents Day so all of those celebrating a 3 day weekend, hope you enjoyed it! Well lots of exciting things going on around Amaretto, in case you didn’t hear the Barnyard Birds Beta is in full swing! I hope that a few of your guys have gotten a chance to see them in world.

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about something we at Amaretto have all been working hard on! Its the manual that you can access on the web also know as the wiki!!!

Link to horse wiki:

I am currently workin on adding pictures of every horse coat and every eye! Its a lot of work but after seeing you guys in the group say I want a pic!! I thought i would give you all a official Amaretto pic!
I am currently working and adding everyday to the horse wiki so check back to see all the great pics of our products!

But thats not all! Yes, there is a k9 wiki too!!
What?? I know its crazy! The k9 wiki will be complete soon!
Link to the k9 wiki:

I hope that you guys see this all for the great tool it is you can see any horse, k9, eye, or collar with your own eyes!! The great thing about it these wiki’s are that the information is easily organized and it’s oober easy for anyone to navigate! So check it out and be sure to spread the word! Please remember that this is a work in progress and everyday we are making changes, and as new things come out we will be on the ball to update!

So happy wikiing everyone! Opps I mean breeding! See ya in world……….


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